The newest options to keep your place sparkled.

We aim to ensure pleasant kitchen experiences, the perfect addition to every modern home, form, and function combine.

The perfect appliances for every modern home.

Be a great place where people can work to accomplish achievements in their business and social lives.


Meet the customers’ desires and needs in every market.

Variety and Customer Focused

Be a highly effective, lean, and sustainable organization.

Productivity and Experience

Be a responsible and decent citizen of the world and leave a better world to the next generations.


Be more than just a “supplier”, create mutual and enduring value.


We have a wide and consistent sales area including 5 continents and over 100 countries.

Tailor made special production;

Product Definition & Aesthetic Design

On-time Delivery & Professional Documentation & Service

after shipment for export operation process

Limitless spare parts

for on-time after sales service

Industrialisation support for CKD/SKD orders

Technical consultation for assemblage process and assembly line balancing.

HR photos of

ordered exact products.

Ethical customer protection

against self-competition